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Signature Mattress

Signature Mattress

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  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 100 Nights Trial
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Sitting at the top of Dr.Alstone®’s “Premium Luxury” range, lays the aptly named “Signature” model

Signature Mattress is masterfully crafted with luxury and comfort in mind, incorporating imported Turkish Cool Silk Fabric that encapsulates a precise balance of 100% natural latex and memory foam that is further supported by a resilient foam box. Zippers that allow for the removal of the top fabric layer ensures that thorough cleaning can be done should the need arise.

  • 5 Stars Rating

  • 100 Nights Trial

  • UK Design

  • Designed By Doctors

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Free Delivery

Signature Mattress

Designed in UK, the Dr.Alstone’s Signature mattress provides a remarkable comfort and was thoughtfully built to provide you a blissful night. Let’s take a peek inside:

Turkish Cool Silk Fabric Cooler Extreme ®

The imported Turkish Cool Silk Fabric Cooler Extreme® (Turkish Extreme Cool® Silk) provides a luxuriously silky-smooth feeling and is incorporated with Dr.Alstone®’s “Cool Fabric” technology, resulting in comfortable optimal body temperature regulation for the best sleep quality while also being extremely durable.

100% Natural Latex

100 % Natural Latex is utilized for its ability to provide sufficient support for natural spine alignment without the usage of springs, therefore eliminating the presence of any EMF (Electromagnetic Field); while the latex conforms to the contours of the body to evenly distribute body weight. It is also resistant to dust mites and molds, therefore reducing the occurrences of allergies and sleep interruptions. The latex layer is designed with strategically placed pores to allow increased air circulation and temperature regulation.

HD (High Density) Foam

Aside from its durability, allergen free and ease to care for; Dr.Alstone®’s use of HD (High Density) Foam (Motion X Foam®) in their mattress builds are based on the fact that it has motion isolation capabilities and can also accommodate different sleeping positions by cradling every part of the user’s body evenly without pressure points forming, allowing for a comfortable sleep in the user’s favorite position.

Spring-Less Mattress

Signature Mattress is made with absolutely zero springs for the balance of softness, support and minimal pressure points. Its help you feel good at night even if you have muscle and shoulder pain.

  • Cold Fabric

    Dr.Alstone New Cooling Fabric Technology will provide you cooling feeling effect while you curling and cuddling without feeling hot while sleeping at night like never seen before.

  • Zero Disturbance

    Dr.Alstone New Zero Disturbance Sleeping Technology provides you a snuggly and peaceful night with your restless partner like never seen before.

  • Firmer Support

    All Dr.Alstone comes along with a firmer support so you wouldn’t have to worry that you will fall of the edge or not having any distort your back as it will follow along your body posture.

  • Breathability

    Dr.Alstone provides a breathable fabric function provides maximum airflow.

  • Anti-Dust Mite

    You will have worry free of bed bugs and clean at the same time with the implemention of Dr.Alstone Anti Dustmite Technology.

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Dr.Alstone Anti Bacterial Technology will provides peaceful health risk free while sleeping on Dr.Alstone Mattress.

  • Temperature Control

    Dr.Alstone New Temperature Regulation Technology helps you to maintain your body’s temperature without you feeling too hot or cold while having a good night sleep.

  • Turn Free

    No turning is required for all of our Dr.Alstone Mattress.

  • Single

    190cm x 90cm x25cm

  • Super Single

    190cm x 107cm x25cm

  • Queen

    190cm x 153cm x25cm

  • King

    190cm x 180cm x25cm

Signature Mattress

Compress Roll Mattress

Rolled Mattress have the advantage is it's far easier to transport and move around. Once purchased and brought home, it's simple to unwrap the mattress and let it breathe and expand into its full shape.

However, if you want to be more eco-friendly or simply don't want the hassle of using a mattress through your door, then a roll-up mattress is perfect one for