The Dr. Alstone Experience

At Dr. Alstone, we believe in crafting more than just mattresses – we're creating an
experience that resonates with the essence of blissful sleep and overall well-being. With
over four decades of expertise in the bedding industry and a robust presence in Malaysia
since 2005, our journey is a testament to our commitment to excellence and a passion for perfecting the art of sleep.

Understanding that your journey to a better night's sleep is as unique as you are, we've
curated an experience specifically tailored for the discerning souls of the Malaysian
community. Our story is one that unfolds in the rhythm of life, where every day brings a new
chapter – not just about sleep, but about dreams crafted exclusively for you.

In our narrative, everyone deserves a haven of tranquillity, a sanctuary of rest. Dr. Alstone
recognizes the value of a good night's sleep, viewing it not merely as a luxury but as a
fundamental right.

Our Vision

To be the global standard-bearer of sublime sleep experiences, transcending the ordinary and elevating every night into an extraordinary journey of unparalleled comfort and well-being. At Dr Alstone, we envision a world where our mattresses become synonymous with the epitome of luxury, craftsmanship, and transformative sleep.

Our Mission

At Dr Alstone, our mission is to curate a realm of impeccable sleep, where every mattress is a masterpiece of comfort, expert-crafted wellness, and fine craftsmanship. We strive to simplify the path to exceptional sleep through a seamless, direct-to-customer approach, ensuring uncompromised quality and providing comprehensive customer service. With unwavering dedication, we aim to redefine the art of sleep, empowering individuals to embrace each night as a sanctuary of rejuvenation and tranquillity.

The Essence of Dr. Alstone

Explore how Dr. Alstone transforms sleep into a sanctuary through meticulous craftsmanship, expert wellness integration, and direct-to-customer convenience, promising a journey of rejuvenation and comprehensive customer support.

  • Luxurious Comfort

    Emphasise the exceptional level of comfort and support provided by your mattresses, ensuring a rejuvenating and restful sleep experience.

  • Expert-Designed for Your Well-being

    Crafted by a team of seasoned doctors, Dr. Alstone prioritises your health and wellness. Every mattress is meticulously designed to provide the perfect balance of support and comfort, promoting restorative sleep for a healthier, happier you

  • Fine Craftsmanship

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the fine craftsmanship of every Dr. Alstone Mattress. Each mattress undergoes a rigorous quality control process, ensuring durability, resilience, and long-lasting comfort.

  • Direct-to-Customer Convenience

    Experience a seamless shopping journey with Dr. Alstone Mattress. By eliminating middlemen, we deliver exceptional value directly to you. Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery, making your journey to a better night's sleep hassle-free.

  • 100 Nights Trial

    Dr.Alstone provide 100 nights trial for Signature Mattress. Allowing you to take your time to decide if Dr.Alstone’s mattress the only one.

  • 10 Years Warranty

    Dr.Alstone mattresses are covered by a 10- year limited warranty, from the date of delivery or collection.

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Direct Factory to you

At Dr.Alstone, we cut out unnecessary costs such as middle men (retail mark-up and sellers) and sell online.
Passing the saving to provide every customer with high-quality materials and craftmanship mattresses.
And we're always upfront about the true costs behind all our products. Here's how we do that:

Crafted by Expert, For Better Sleep