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Marrison Mattress

Marrison Mattress

15 inch Pocket Spring Mattress

Dr.Alstone takes pride in designing and producing mattresses that incorporates the latest technology and variety of carefully selected materials that ensures their valued clients get only the best fit for their sleeping requirements.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 100 Nights Trial
  • Free Delivery
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  • 5 Stars Rating

  • UK Design

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Free Delivery

Marrison Mattress

Imported Soft Knitted Fabric

Imported soft touch knitted fabric provides a soft and smooth surface. It also provide function such as anti-bacteria, anti-dustmite & anti-fungus.

100% Natural Latex

100% Natural Latex is utilized for its ability to provide sufficient support for natural spine alignment without the usage of springs, therefore eliminating the presence of any EMF (Electromagnetic Field); while the latex conforms to the contours of the body to evenly distribute body weight. It is also resistant to dust mites and molds, therefore reducing the occurrences of allergies and sleep interruptions. The latex layer is designed with strategically placed pores to allow increased air circulation and temperature regulation.

Coconut Fibre

Coconut fibre layer on Marrison mattress features a back supporter care for your bone posture that allow you get a comfort sleep. It helps moisture absorbing ability and promote continuos airflow to create a perfect temperature for your sleep.

9-Zoned Pocket Spring

9-Zoned Pocket Spring system help to prevent motion transfer on the mattress, giving you a perfect slumber light. Come with 260mm height and it provides full support to our body in every area. Pocket spring helps to minimize the amount of the motion disturbance when you are sleeping with your partner.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Suitable to everyone especially allergen sufferers. The charcoal fabric is completely safe and free from harmful chemicals.

  • Zero Disturbance

    Dr.Alstone New Zero Disturbance Sleeping Technology provides you a snuggly and peaceful night with your restless partner like never seen before.

  • Breathability

    Dr.Alstone provides a breathable fabric function provides maximum airflow.

  • Pocket Spring

    Dr.Alstone New Pocket Spring System will provide you the maximum spinal care and alignment while having a good night sleep.

  • Anti-Dust Mite

    You will have worry free of bed bugs and clean at the same time with the implemention of Dr.Alstone Anti Dustmite Technology.

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Dr.Alstone Anti Bacterial Technology will provides peaceful health risk free while sleeping on Dr.Alstone Mattress.

  • Temperature Control

    Dr.Alstone New Temperature Regulation Technology helps you to maintain your body’s temperature without you feeling too hot or cold while having a good night sleep.

  • Single

    190cm x 92cm x 15inch

  • Super Single

    190cm x 107cm x 15inch

  • Queen

    190cm x 152cm x 15inch

  • King

    190cm x 183cm x 15inch

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