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Furst Mattress

Furst Mattress

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Introducing the Fürst mattress by Dr. Alstone® - inspired by German royalty, designed for luxurious comfort.

Crafted with top-grade synthetic latex and deluxe imported knitted fabric, it combines a pocket spring system with a sturdy foam box for a blissful sleep experience fit for a king. The Fürst lives up to its name with premium built quality, durable components, and an indulgent feel that will make you feel like royalty. Convenient side handles make transportation and repositioning effortless. Experience optimal sleep conditions with the Fürst - a remarkable mattress that ensures your satisfaction.

  • 5 Stars Rating

  • UK Design

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Free Delivery

Fürst Mattress

The Fürst lives up to its name by pampering users with its premium built quality alongside high quality components that are extremely durable; offering a truly luxurious experience that makes them feel just like royalty as they turn in for their slumber.

Turkish Cool Silk Fabric Cooler Extreme ®

The imported Turkish Cool Silk Fabric Cooler Extreme® (Turkish Extreme Cool® Silk) provides a luxuriously silky-smooth feeling and is incorporated with Dr.Alstone®’s “Cool Fabric” technology, resulting in comfortable optimal body temperature regulation for the best sleep quality while also being extremely durable.

Über-Smooth Fabric®

Dr.Alstone®’s imported Knitted Fabric (Über-Smooth Fabric®) is designed to be extremely comfortable with its “Ultra Smooth” design texture and is made to be more durable than most of the fabrics currently available in the market. Not only is the fabric Hypoallergenic; it is also Anti-Fungus, Anti Dust Mite and Antibacterial, therefore providing a complete range of protection and is suitable for users with allergies or to maintain a general healthy sleeping environment.

Memory Foam

Comfort, pressure relief, and long-lasting support for pain-free sleep. With excellent durability, motion isolation, and zero maintenance, enjoy hassle-free rest without pressure points.

Titanium Alloy Pocket Springs

Titanium Alloy, making it extremely durable and less likely to deform over time. Different spring tensions are then mapped and placed in precise locations, namely into the 7 zone distribution areas that start from the head right down to the toes to provide the optimum support for different parts of the body. The springs are also designed to eliminate partner disturbances with their motion isolation abilities and have the “Squeak-Free” feature where squeaky noises that results from subpar or low-quality springs are eliminated, with the usage of quality materials and thorough quality checks.

  • Cold Fabric

    Dr.Alstone New Cooling Fabric Technology will provide you cooling feeling effect while you curling and cuddling without feeling hot while sleeping at night like never seen before.

  • Zero Disturbance

    Dr.Alstone New Zero Disturbance Sleeping Technology provides you a snuggly and peaceful night with your restless partner like never seen before.

  • Breathability

    Dr.Alstone provides a breathable fabric function provides maximum airflow.

  • Pocket Spring

    Dr.Alstone New Pocket Spring System will provide you the maximum spinal care and alignment while having a good night sleep.

  • Anti-Dust Mite

    You will have worry free of bed bugs and clean at the same time with the implemention of Dr.Alstone Anti Dustmite Technology.

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Dr.Alstone Anti Bacterial Technology will provides peaceful health risk free while sleeping on Dr.Alstone Mattress.

  • Temperature Control

    Dr.Alstone New Temperature Regulation Technology helps you to maintain your body’s temperature without you feeling too hot or cold while having a good night sleep.

  • Turn Free

    No turning is required for all of our Dr.Alstone Mattress.

  • Firmer Support

    All Dr.Alstone comes along with a firmer support so you wouldn’t have to worry that you will fall of the edge or not having any distort your back as it will follow along your body posture.

  • Single

    190cm x 90cm x25cm

  • Super Single

    190cm x 107cm x25cm

  • Queen

    190cm x 153cm x25cm

  • King

    190cm x 180cm x25cm

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